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Twiga Fiberglass Tissue

A corrosion protection & reinforcement membrane, Twiga Fiberglass Tissue is a non woven, thin, flexible, uniformly bonded mat composed of technically resistant suitable glass fibers distributed in a random, open porous structure, bonded together with an inert material (thermosetting resin).

Twiga Fiberglass Tissue is available with or without yarn reinforcement (standard reinforcement is at 10mm intervals), depending on the application and performance parameters required. High tensile strength, porosity and compatibility with anticorrosive chemicals offer significant performance benefits and advantages during application.

Twiga Fiberglass Tissue is available in roll form in various densities and thicknesses. The product is recommended for use in both hot and cold applications up to a temperature of 288°C.


Twiga Fiberglass Tissue is made by THE WET LAY PROCESS

The glass fibers are projected on to a conveyor then bound and passed through a polymerization oven, the resulting mat is rolled around a mandrel (tube) and packed for shipment.

During the continuous production cycle it is possible to add longitudinal reinforcement’s yarns which considerably increase the tension resistance of the product.

Twiga Fiberglass Tissue is utilized mainly as a reinforcement layer in an anti corrosive systems for pipe line, ducts and tanks and also in many other varied applications like in bituminous membranes as a reinforcement layer for water proofing systems, in FRP molding application as a surface mat, in battery separator as a reinforcement, in lamination, in filtration etc.

General characteristics -

  • Flexible
  • Open porous structure - can be easily impregnated
  • High tensile strength, breaking strength - resistance to longitudinal and transversal tensions
  • High temperature resistance
  • Inorganic composition - unaffected by weather agents
  • Dimensionally stable


   Functional Utility
Anti corrosion
# Wrapping & coating of underground pipelines for transporting water, gas & oil.
# FGT as inner wrap – AWWA C 203 – 1991 / IS 10221 - 1982
# Impregnated FGT as outer wrap – IS-10221-1982 / AWWA C 203 – 91
Water Proofing / Damp Proofing
# As Felt
# Insitu application for RCC & Pitched roof
# FGT base Coal Tar Pitch & Bitumen Felts IS 7193 – 1994)
# Reinforced Glass Fibre Tissue & Bitumen IS 3384 – 1986
Surface Tissue
TWIGA Surface Mat Used for FRP mouldings.
Facing Material
Protection linings
Moisture vapour barrier
TWIGA FGT on fibrous glass, high density wool, cork , PU foam, expanded polystyrene foam etc.
In cold insulation; ceiling / wall Tiles