Twiga Fiberglass Tissue as a Vapour Barrier for Thermal Insulation
System Protection

When pipes and vessels are operating at lower than ambient temperatures, they are normally insulated for maximum plant efficiency. Moisture vapour may migrate through the insulation or its joints, condense at the dew point temperature, and freeze if the temperature reaches OO C.

Wet insulation can be up to 20 times less efficient than dry insulation, whilst freezing can cause physical break-up of the insulation structure because water expands on becoming ice. Hence requirement of Vapour Barrier becomes critical and Twiga Fiberglass Tissue improves handle ability and provides support to Insulation material.


Twiga Fiberglass Tissue have excellent bonding property with all kinds of mastics, sealants, adhesives, fire resistive coatings, anti Abrasion coatings, self setting cement etc. as used in thermal insulation.

  • Looks good
  • Protects all insulation Materials
  • Stays clean

Twiga lining mat completes the vapour barrier & makes it more efficient. Twiga lining mat also acts as a fire resistive and corrosion resistive protective coating and prevents failure of vapour barrier finish.